Artist: Tucandeo
Title: In Sessions
Source: Radio
Style: Trance, Progressive
Release date: 2014
Format: mp3, mixed
Quality: 192kbps | 44.1 kHz | Stereo
Tracks: 01 (no *.cue)
Playing Time: 120 min
Size: 167 MB


01.Thomas Blunden - Behind You (Original Mix)[In Sessions Recordings]
03.Dark Architects - Abalam (Holbrook & SkyKeeper Remix)[Fraction Records]
04.Tucandeo feat Molly Bancroft - Awake (Xtigma Remix)[Amsterdam Trance]
05.Addictive Glance - Crossing The Borderline (Sensetive5 Remix)[Addictive Sounds]
06.Nicologik - Rapid Recovery (Original Mix)[GRAYGOO PURPLE]
07.Holbrook & Skykeeper - On The Edge (Original Mix)[Interstate]
08.Marcus White & Yana - New Order (Original Mix)[In Sessions Recordings]
11.Matt Holliday - Dactylion (Original Mix)[JOOF]
12.Andromedha - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (Melancholia)[Electronic Tree]
13.Aitra - Through It All (Original Mix)[Pulsar]
14.Monoverse - What We Won't See (Original Mix)[CD-R]
15.Markus Schulz feat Lady V - Erase You (Wellenrausch's Foxhole Remix)[Coldharbour]
16.Darkployers - Tundra (Original Mix)[Electronic Tree]
17.Philthy Chit - Colours (EA3 Reconstruction)[Black Hole]
18.Gordey Tsukanov - Giant (Original Mix)[In Sessions Recordings]
19.Purple Stories - Sacura (Original Mix)[Coldharbour]
20.Andromedha - Generic Nation (Original Mix)[In Sessions Recordings]
21.Cramp Feat Lauren Moore - Rise And Fall[Intricate Records]
22.Darkployers - Artefact (Original Mix)[Electronic Tree]
23.Solid Stone Vs. Solis & Sean Truby - Mantra (Original Mix)[Interstate]
24.Purple Stories - Devil Inside (Original Mix)[Coldharbour]
25.Paul Legvand - New Age (Original Mix)[Black Hole]     

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