Artist: VA
Title: VA - Armin Only – Intense “The Music” (2014)
Source: WEB CAT#
Style: Trance
Release date: 2014
Format: MP3, Mixed
Quality: 320kbps | 44.1 kHz | Stereo
Tracks: 41 (No *.cue)
Playing Time:  02:18:11
Size: 316 MB

Now that the ‘Armin Only: Intense’ world tour has come to a close after a magical year to say the least, ‘Armin Only – Intense “The Music”‘ is your chance to relive the remarkable tour anytime you like. This special, digital version is the closest you’ll get to the live experience of ‘Armin Only: Intense’.

This digital release is comprised of live recordings from 5 shows of the 30+ city tour, complete with crowd noise and the exclusive medleys and original performances of the live show.

Recorded live from the shows in Quito, Moscow, Sao Paulo, Medellin, and Buenos Aires, this set brings them all together to create one spectacular performance. This album is the ultimate way to experience and recreate the Armin Only effect exactly as it was always intended.

Trevor Guthrie, Eller van Buuren, Fiora, Lauren Evans, and more all joined Armin live on stage for the tour that would leave them lifelong friends.

After one of the most memorable and unbelievable years in Armin’s life, this is what it feels like to take a step back and soak it all in.


01. Dropping the Ball - Live from Ecuador
02. Tuvan (Geert Huinink Orchestral Interpretation) - Live from Ecuador
03. Intense (feat. Miri Ben-Ari) -Live from Moscow
04. Andrew Rayel - Dark Warrior - Live from Brasil
05. D# Fat (with W&W) - Live from Brasil
06. Beautiful Life (feat. Cindy Alma) - Live from Columbia
07.This Is What It Feels Like (feat. Trevor Guthrie) - Live from Brasil
08. Mark Sixma - Adagio for Strings - Live from Brasil
09. Alone (feat. Lauren Evans) Live from Moscow
10. Hystereo - Live from Ecuador
11. Gaia - Empire of Hearts - Live from Ecuador
12. Marlo - Vision - Live from Brasil
13. Sound of the Drums (feat. Laura Jansen) [Bobina Remix] - Live from Ecuador
14. Pulsar - Live from Ecuador
15. Save My Night - Live from Columbia
16. Won't Let You Go (feat. Aruna) - Live from Argentina
17. Love Never Came (feat. Richard Bedford & Bagga Bownz) [Jorn van Deynhoven Remix] - Live from Argentina

01. Robert Henke - Signal To Noise II *
02. Stanley Progman - Exit *
03. Waiting for the Night (feat. Fiora) [Beat Service Remix] - Live from Argentina
04. Don't Want To Fight Love Away (feat. Cindy Alma) - - Live from Spain
05. This Light Between Us (Mix Cut) [feat. Christian Burns] [Armin van Buuren's Great Strings Mix] - Live from Argentina
06. Orbion (Mix Cut) - - Live from Argentina
07. Broken Tonight (Mix Cut) [feat. Richard Bedford, Fiora & Lauren Evans] [Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix] - Live from Argentina
08. Fine Without You (Mix Cut) [feat. Cindy Alma] - Live from Argentina
09. Solarstone vs Scott Bond - 3rd Earth (Mix Cut) [Heatbeat Remix] - Live from Argentina
10. Not Giving Up On Love (Mix Cut) [feat. Fiora] - Live from Argentina
11. Communication (Mix Cut) [Tomas Heredia Remix] - Live from Argentina
12. Never Say Never (Mix Cut) [feat. Fiora & Cindy Alma] - Live from Argentina
13. Take a Moment (Mix Cut) [feat. Winter Kills & Laura Jansen] [Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix] - Live from Argentina
14. Shivers (Mix Cut) [feat. Lauren Evans & Laura Jansen] - Live from Argentina
15. These Silent Hearts (Mix Cut) [feat. BT, Cindy Alma, Laura Jansen, Lauren Evans, Trevor Guthrie, Fiora & Richard Bedford] - Live from Argentina
16. Mirage (Mix Cut) [feat Eller van Buuren, Koen Herfst & Michiel Elbracht] - Live from Argentina
17. Serenity (Mix Cut) [feat. Jan Vayne] - Live from Brasil
18. John O'Callaghan - Raw Deal (Mix Cut) - Live from Brasil
19. In and Out of Love (Mix Cut) [feat. Laura Jansen] - Live from Moscow
20. Ping Pong - Live from Brasil
21. Laura Jansen - Use Somebody (Armin van Buuren Rework) - Live from Columbia
22. Brute (vs Ferry Corsten) - Live from Ecuador
23. Zatox & The R3belz - Good & Evil - Live from Ecuador
24. Reprise (feat. Cindy Alma, Laura Jansen, Lauren Evans, Trevor Guthrie, Fiora, Richard Bedford & Bagga Bownz)- Live from Ecuador

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