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Pixels add up. Save space and storage costs by reducing the size of your geospatial data. Compress raster imagery to MrSID, JPEG 2000 and NITF formats, or compress LiDAR data to MrSID and LAZ formats. Then, optimize your imagery with powerful tools for mosaicking, reprojection, and more.

Save Space. Save Money.
Compress massive geospatial images and LiDAR data into high-quality MrSID files. Your files are smaller and more manageable, and so are your storage costs.

Improve Images
Use the powerful suite of GeoExpress editing and manipulation tools to crop, color balance, compile mosaics and more. Create exactly the image you need, every time.

Solutions Highlight
In Ville de Sherbrooke in Quebec, police and fire vehicles can access years' worth of critical GIS data while on the go. In-vehicle data terminals are updated while cars and trucks are parked in the garage and undergoing maintenance, but that much data usually takes up a lot of space - and a lot of bandwidth on the network. Thanks to GeoExpress, the city saves time, money and space with compressed datasets, and police and fire personnel are able to receive critical data sooner. When comparing third-party one-time compression options with GeoExpress, the city found that the GeoExpress compressed images had higher quality. The city initially saved thousands, and will continue to save as it utilizes GeoExpress to compress future datasets.

GeoExpress is a simple geospatial data solution with an array of benefits.
Reduce Storage Costs
Maximize space by shrinking image files to 5 percent of their original size or cut file size in half while maintaining pixel-for-pixel image fidelity. Plus, reduce LiDAR point cloud files by 75 percent or more while retaining all points and accuracy.
Create Seamless Mosaicsompile sharp mosaics while keeping files small with compact image formats and a simple suite of tools. Even the largest mosaics remain snappy and responsive thanks to advanced decompression functionality.

Color Balance Across Images
Manually or automatically adjust brightness, contrast, gamma and more for one image or a large batch. Adjust and preview one image, then apply the same changes to all of your other images at once.

Crop and Export
Edit your images to the exact size and resolution you need. Extract a specific scene from an image, create customized image tiles or crop images to match a shape file. Select from preset export options for web and print, or create your own.

Customize Multispectral Imagery
Copy your image bands exactly, change their order and even set different compression ratios for each band. MrSID Generation 4 (MG4) image files support up to 255 image bands.

Rely on Interoperability
The industry standard MrSID image format is supported across the widest range of geospatial applications, including ArcGIS, ERDAS, ENVI, Socet GXP, and Microstation, just to name a few.

System Requirements:
Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2008 R2
64-bit Windows operating system.

Whats New:
New mosaicking workflow
LiDAR cropping and reprojection
Redesigned crop and reprojection options are easier than ever to manipulate imagery
Job management includes pause and cancel jobs on a new output panel
Focus on usability makes it easy to understand what happens to your imagery at every step of the way
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