Super Lucky's Tale [v 1.5] (2017) PC | License| Size:10.27 GB
Year of release : 2017
Genre : Arcade , Adventure , Platformer , 3D
The developer : Playful Corp.
Publisher : Microsoft Studios
Platform : PC
Publication Type : License
Game Version : 1.5
Language : Russian, English, MULTi
Language : English
Medicine : Present {CODEX}

Long live the adventure!

Super Lucky's Tale - fun and exciting platform arcade for players of all ages. Her character Laki, an indefatigable optimist and good-natured, embarks on a journey to become bolder and help her sister save the Book of Ages from Jinx, the mysterious villain ... He planned to change the world - but for what purpose? During the journey you will meet many funny friends and opponents. Lucky will face a dangerous Kotovyvodkom - harmful kids Jinks. These self-taught villains were born into their father, but they do not quite understand his cunning plan. But Lucky has friends and allies. He will get acquainted with lost yeti, eccentric ghosts, worm-farmers and other colorful characters living in the Book of Ages. Try your wits and reactions, solving puzzles and making strenuous races on the obstacle course. Uncover the secrets of the new worlds, using a special reception Lucky - instillation into the ground. Dive into the fox holes to get additional rewards. Return to the era of classic platformers with tests that all players will enjoy, regardless of their skills and age.

Features :
A delightful adventure with attractive characters.
A tremendous variety of allies and opponents in a rich and vibrant world.
History of Lucky, full of unpredictable tests and twists.
An adventure that will appeal to players of any age and skill level.
Available for Windows 10 and Xbox One consoles, including Xbox One X.
Supports Xbox Play Anywhere.

Features of the release
There is DLC - Super Lucky's Tale - Gilly Island.

Welcome back to the adventure! Super Lucky's Tale, an exciting platform arcade for players of all ages, comes back with a completely new chapter. Go along with Lucky on a trip to the tropical resort of Gilly Island (Island of Entertainment), where Lady Myaumalad has captured all the attractions and festive events and holds the most grandiose (worst) party dedicated to her new single. Help protect the rest of tourists, while Moyal Salad did not spoil their fun and entertainment and did not completely destroy the Book of Ages.

There is DLC - Super Lucky's Tale - Guardian Trials.

In Lisington, a training day! In the new chapter of Super Lucky's Tale, the brave little fox Laki has to go through the most difficult tests and prove that he deserves to be called a keeper. His older sister Lira is confident that it is time for the savior of the island gilly to make this important step towards destiny.

With the support of energetic friends from the Book of Ages, Lear prepared a training course, which only a true custodian can cope with. With your help, Lucky will solve puzzles, jump, roll and dig the moves on the obstacle course, which will squeeze out all the juices from you, but before that awakens nostalgic memories. Get ready! Tests in the spirit of classic platformers, cool bosses, cunning puzzles - the Book of Ages can be entrusted only to the best of the best, so that Lear will not give his dear brother a moment's respite.

And even in the "Tests of the Guardian" you can dress up the bold little fox: you are waited with beautiful costumes and accessories worthy of this hero. Finally, you can spend the collected coins on something really important: the style! The most fashionable adventure in the life of Lucky begins!

1. Mount the image and run the installation with SetSuprL.exe (the installation should not be performed with Administrator rights).
2. The default installation path (you can select your own).
3. Install the update, copy the contents of the CODEX folder to the game folder.
4. Run the game through Start ➜ Super Luckys Tale
5. After starting the game will prompt you to choose the path and folder for saving - choose whatever is convenient for you. The path to the folder should not contain Cyrillic!

Note: The game language is automatically selected, depending on the language of your system! In the Windows language settings, Russian should be selected as the primary language.

System Requirement:
OS : Windows 10 64-bit (1607 or newer)
Processor : Intel Core i5 3550 @ 3.3 GHz or AMD FX-6300
RAM : 8 GB of RAM
Video card : AMD Radeon R7 370 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660/570
DirectX : Version 11
Disk space : 10 GB