j 7;vascript Basics - j 7;vascript for Beginners
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j 7;vascript for Beginners: Learn j 7;vascript through whiteboard instruction videos, coding in the browser and quizzes.

This isn't the only j 7;vascript course you should ever takeR30;but it should be your first!

"Very well put together. This course walks you through the process while teaching but also allows you to practice by doing and not just following what the instructor does."

- Cory Turner

"Rob is a great instructor. He is super clear and gives examples for everything discussed with opportunities to code along in exercises."

- Ms. A

"Really so excited in this course, is very helpful and awesomeR30;I suggest for every total beginner j 7;vascript in this course, as for me this course at the moment is the best course at Udemy. Great for this course :)"

- Qazim Rama

"I have Purchased this Course today. and I love it. The biggest pro of this course is using best way to present the matter on screen, i tried several courses but this one is very easy to understand. i am sure i will never forget these concepts. Thanks Rob !! You are Genius"

- Sravan Sukhavasi

"Great course on JS basics. The information is presented as clearly and effectively as I have seen. Good job!"

- Jared Bilton

j 7;vascript the Basics is your one stop course to enter into the language of j 7;vascript. We are going to start from scratch and build up our understanding of the world's most popular programming language together.

View j 7;vascript in action with whiteboard videos optimized for viewing on your smartphone. This is truly a course that you can engage with no matter where you are. Take your j 7;vascript eduction on the go! With whiteboard videos you get to visualize what j 7;vascript does under the hood.

You can practice j 7;vascript in your web browser! Take advantage of Google Chrome developer tools to put the j 7;vascript you have learned during our whiteboard lesson into practice with further examples and challenges. This is our j 7;vascript playground.

There will be lots of quizzes on the j 7;vascript syntax we have just covered. The goal of this course is to move slow and allow these concepts and syntax to sink in through repetition.

Learning j 7;vascript is like learning a language. This course won't make a false promise of saying you will master j 7;vascript overnight. However, this course will immerse you into the world's most popular programming language.

In just one day we will introduce you to:

j 7;vascript Syntax
j 7;vascript Building Blocks
j 7;vascript Best Practices
j 7;vascript Objects
j 7;vascript Arrays
j 7;vascript Regular Expressions
j 7;vascript Functional Programming
j 7;vascript Algorithms
j 7;vascript ES6 Syntax
You'll finish this course with an understanding of j 7;vascript that will let you take a deeper dive into the language and possibly launch you into a new career as a j 7;vascript web developer.

Learning a new language can be difficult and even feel intimidating. j 7;vascript the Basics makes the the learning process feel accessible and welcoming!

There are a lot of j 7;vascript courses out there in which you can make some pretty great projects. But unless you know j 7;vascript you are just copying and pasting. This course won't offer you empty promises like moving from "zero to hero" but it will help you to take the first steps in the right direction.

This isn't the only j 7;vascript Course you should ever take. But it should be your first!

This course will expand weekly! Get it now and check back often for updates!