Artist: Jordan Suckley
Title: Damaged Radio
Source: Radio
Style: Trance, Progressive
Release date: 2015
Format: mp3, mixed
Quality: 192kbps | 44.1 kHz | Stereo
Tracks: 01 (no *.cue)
Playing Time: 60 min
Size: 83 MB

Jordan Suckley is a name that has quickly made people’s tongues wag on the dance scene over the last couple of years. This is why he was snapped up by the almighty PFAgency as their fresh signing in 2009, who also host other huge artists such as Eddie Halliwell and John O’Callaghan.


01. Infected Mushroom - Psycho (Loud & Domestic 2015 Remix)
02. Morten Granau, Ruback - Tension (Original Mix)
03. Drop Mind - Psychedelic Experience (Original Mix)
04. Major7, Vini Vici - It's Here (Original Mix)
05. Astral Projection - Let There Be Light (Outsiders Remix)
06. Eddie Bitar - Drive (Original Mix)
07. Jordan Suckley feat Erica Curran - Fight another Day (Dub mix)
08. ID - ID
09. Sean Tyas - Da Doo da dah (orig mix)
10. Paul van Dyk & Jordan Suckley - City of Sound (orig mix)
11. James Dymond - Renegade (orig mix)
12. Jordan Suckley - Medic (Arctic Moon remix) Damaged
13. Darren Porter & Manuel Le Saux - Loud Noises (orig mix)
14. Abstract Vision & Aimoon - #energy (Original Mix)

Download Jordan Suckley - Damaged Radio 022 (2015-05-12)