Artist: Umek
Title: Behind The Iron Curtain
Source: Radio
Style: Techno
Release date: 2015
Format: mp3, mixed
Quality: 320kbps | 44.1 kHz | Stereo
Tracks: 01 (no *.cue)
Playing Time: 60 min
Size: 138 MB

If we had to use one word to describe UMEK’s fourth album, the best one would be »versatile«. Rhythmia follows up UMEK’s recent direction towards a broader audience, while still staying true to his sound. His appearances on main stages of world’s biggest festivals proved that you can also win the hearts of the crowd by playing different music. And that’s exactly what Rhythmia offers: catchy melodies in an album title track featuring Heartik, summer sensations in Hard Times featuring Mike Vale and Chris the Voice, ragamuffin feet-itcher Burnfire and a look in the past with Luftmensch.Beatport! Rhythmia is UMEK’s first digital-only album, so you can only get it in your favorite online store.
Slovenian techno DJ and producer Umek introduces an hour long trip: “Behind The Iron Curtain.

It would take a long essay to fully explain UMEK’s meaning to electronic music. The Slovenian born producer and DJ has been setting trends and rocking dance floors for two decades now -- and still shows no signs of slowing down. He’s tireless in his techno and tech house production and with more than 100 gigs per year, probably one of the busiest techno DJ's out there.


01. Green Velvet, Technasia – Suga (Original Mix) [Toolroom]
02. Andrea Frisina – Wild Prairie (Joey Beltram Remix) [Gate Null Recordings]
03. Chris Groovejey – Magical Journey (Original Mix) [Patent Skillz]
04. Riva Starr, Dajae – The Loft (Original Mix) [Cajual Records]
05. Sante, Sidney Charles – Forever (Original Mix) [Hot Creations]
06. Desire Line – Golden Monkey (Original Mix) [Octopus Black Label]
07. Enrico Sangiuliano, Secret Cinema – Alone With The Bitch (Original Mix) [Gem Records]
08. Hot Since 82 – Play The Room (Original Mix) [Saved Records]
09. Jewel Kid – Never Again (Original Mix) [Alleanza]
10. Julian Jeweil – Bird (Original Mix) [Minus]
11. Landmark – Reptilize (Original Mix) [Evolution]
12. Lewis Delay – By My Side (Original Mix) [Patent Skillz]
13. Adoo, Alexserra – Black Hole (Original Mix)
14. Luca Beni – Funky Trap (Original Mix) [Metron Music]
15. Mark Antoine, Peter Portman – Dancing Drone (Original Mix) [Neptuun City]
16. Alba Patera – Tantalus Fossae (Original Mix) [Promo] | 50:31
17. Raffaele Rizzi – El Pipita (Original Mix) [Transmit Recordings]
18. Fast Eddie – Hip House (Original Mix) [Wwestside Records]

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