Artist: Jordan Suckley
Title: Damaged Radio
Source: Radio
Style: Trance, Progressive
Release date: 2015
Format: mp3, mixed
Quality: 320kbps | 44.1 kHz | Stereo
Tracks: 01 (no *.cue)
Playing Time: 120 min
Size: 275 MB

Jordan Suckley is a name that has quickly made people’s tongues wag on the dance scene over the last couple of years. This is why he was snapped up by the almighty PFAgency as their fresh signing in 2009, who also host other huge artists such as Eddie Halliwell and John O’Callaghan.


Warm up mix..

1.Patrick M, Caden- Not You (Alberto Ruiz Remix)
2.Oliver Koletzki- Iyewaye (Hatzler Remix)
3.Ronny Vergara- Techno Begins (Original Mix)
4.The Grounders- Feel the power (orig mix)
5.Benou- Sauerkraut (Original Mix)
6.Morten Granau- Recalibrated (Durs Remix)
7.Durs- Hunter (orig mix)
8.Aviation- What Would You Do (Original Mix)
9. Paul van Dyk & Jordan Suckley- City of Sound (Liquid Soul remix)

Dark Mix..

10.Daniel Lesden- Enuma Elish (orig mix)
11.Burn In Noise- Orders from a machine (orig mix)
12.Liquid Soul & Zyce (Feat. Solar Kid) - Anjuna (Jordan Suckley remix)
13.LocoWeed- Insanity (orig mix)
14.Phanetic- Disco Droids (orig mix)
15.Ace Ventura- Going Back (Vini Vici Remix)
16.Cosmosis, Hypnocoustics- Pyrokinetic (Original Mix)
17.Eddie Bitar, Javier Bussola- Absorb (Original Mix)
18.Electro Sun, Phanatic, Bizzare Contact- Trilodyne (Original Mix)
19.Burn In Noise, Loud- A Real Good Time (Original Mix)

Peak time mix..

20.Jamie Walker- Riot (orig mix)
21.Paul Thomas & Shadow Of Two- Dynamo (Maarten de Jong Remix)
22.David Forbes ft. Emma Gillespie- Hope you're ok (orig mix)
23.Robert Nickson, Re:Locate, Sarah Lynn- Will You Be There (Original Mix)
24.ARDI- The Pursuit (orig mix)
25.ID- ID
26.Ferry Tale- Lozza (orig mix)
27.Kamil Esten- Sanctum (Dan Stone Remix)
28.Divisional Phrase- It never did (orig mix)
29.ID- ID
30.Bryan Kearney- Wake up call (Will Rees remix)
31.John Askew- Picture of Dorian (orig mix)
32.Marcel Woods- Cherry Blossom (Ben Gold remix)
33.ID- ID

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