Internet of Things Programming with j 7;vascript
by Ruben Oliva Ramos
English | 2017 | ISBN: 1785888560 | 296 Pages | True PDF | 29 MB

The Internet of Things is taking the tech world by storm, and j 7;vascript is at its helm. This book will get you to grips with this exciting new technology.

Where do Node.js, HTML5 and Windows 10 IoT Core come in with j 7;vascript and IoT?
Why Raspberry Pi Zero rather than Arduino?
How do you configure and build an IoT network from scratch?

All your IoT j 7;vascript questions are answered in this book.

This book is for developers who'd like to learn how to set up an IoT system and communicate with connected devices in j 7;vascript. Both advanced and entry-level developers will find everything they need to explore the potential of j 7;vascript for IoT programming.

With this book, you'll learn 7;bout:

Setting up a centralized web server to connect IoT devices
Connecting sensors and actuators to devices
Sending data to web server connected devices
Understanding Internet of Things using web services and database
Configuring dashboards using HTML5 and j 7;vascript
Controlling and monitoring devices connected from dashboards
Building apps for smartphones to control different devices