Gabriella Rapone - The Secrets to Inboxing Emails 2018
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How I Took An Email Message, that kept hitting the SPAM folder and Generating $0 and turned it into an INBOX Cash Machine.
All by using a simple
3 step system that requires no tech skills
Having sent out over a billion email messages over the past 8 years, I know exactly the challenges that face EVERY single email marketer.

Hey, my name is Gabriella Rapone. I'm an email marketer and consultant with 10 years of hands-on-experience.

Do You Know How Your Email Messages
Hitting Spam, Can Affect You?
Loss In Revenue $$$$$$$ (see example below)
Your Email Reputation, which determines if your email messages will hit the INBOX or SPAM folder, will go from "positive" to "negative". Causing more of your messages to hit SPAM.
Your Email Cost-Per-Record Can Also Decrease. (ext
How This Guide Will Help You
I'm going to reveal to you, simple tricks that not even your Email Service Provider (ESP) knows. (shhhh)
I'm going to show you how much revenue you are losing, if you have any emails hitting the Spam folder.
I'll show you how to get back into the INBOX within minutes, not days or weeks.
I'll even show you how Gmail and Yahoo, filter their emails and how you can Inbox more of your email messages.
I'll show you step-by-step how email marketing works and how turn email marketing into a daily Cash Machine.
QUESTION: Have You Ever Had One Of Those Days When You Just Can't Figure Out Why Your Email "Open Rates" Suddenly Dropped From 25% to 20%?
You changed nothing about your email messages, yet you still can't seem to Inbox?

Have you ever found yourself asking your email service provider (ESP) for help with your Inboxing issue, only to get a canned response that provides no insight and no real resolution to your problem?

Does this sound familiar?

I know it does, I was once like you. So I know exactly how you feel, this is why I found a universal solution to a problem that plagues EVERY emailer at one-time or another and it's why I am so compelled to share my secrets of Inboxing with you.

I developed this secret after managing various million dollar email list for over 8 years and it works 99% of the time.

So I finally decided it was time to share my techniques with the world and solve the age old question of:
""Why are my Email Messages NOT hitting the Inbox"

Luckily, this Guide aims to solve that issue once and for all. Not only will more of your email messages hit the Inbox More but no longer, will you experience downtime due to delivery issues waiting for ESP's to resolve them.

This secret has so much power that it will enable you to take back some of the control you probably never thought you had. The reality is: you do have the power, you just don't realize it yet.
If You Think Your Emails Are Safe From Hitting The Spam Folder, Because You Use An Email Service Provider (ESP) Or An Autoresponder Service.
Question: Do You Know Which Email Variables YOU Control, That Will Ensure That You Never Lose Another Dollar To Your Messages Hitting The Spam Folder Again?"
In this guide I will show you EXACTLY how to test your email messages and look for Key triggers that could be causing your emails to hit the Spam folder.
No longer will you have to struggle with trying to figure WHY your email messages keep hitting the Spam folder.
No longer will you have to struggle with inexperienced account managers at your ESP, who's only experience with email markerting and pressingthe SEND button
They Didn't Even Know, That Their Email Messages Were hitting the Spam folder ..They Were Shocked When They Saw This .
Do You Know How Much Money You Are Losing To The Spam Folder?
.Let's Look At An Example That Compares April to May.
The below shows and compares:Total revenue Drivers and compares Sent, Revenue, Opens and Clicks . Can You See The Decreases???

.Let's Look At Open Rate Decreases In More Detail

So..While The "Sent" Rate Increased In May by 36% and we had an Increase In Overall Revenue by 8% You Might Think, these were Great results, Right?
Well..Not Exactly.

You Can See Here Exactly, How Much Revenue Was Lost Due To Emails Hitting The Spam Folder.