Artist: VA
Title: Karanda - Karanda 2016 (2016)
Source: WEB
Style: Trance, Progressive
Release date: 2016
Format: mp3
Quality: 320kbps | 44.1 kHz | Stereo

This is where it all started for UK trance producers James Wood & Andi Curd aka Karanda, with their self titled balearic trance production 'Karanda' back in 2009. This beautifully crafted piece with stunning melodies and truly enchanting breakdown delivers a huge slice of summer sounding trance. Alter Ego label manager Duncan Newell gives 'Karanda' the 2016 reboot it really needed with his full on, no noncense uplifting retake. We saw the perfect opportunity to bring Karanda back with the first remix competition of the year, in the hunt for the next line of talent. The three lucky winners of the remix competition were US based Alex Kotliarsky aka 'Skylar', UK based producer Luke Warner and US based Katherine Pinkston aka Katylyst. All giving Karanda their own unique twist and we look forward to working with them all on future projects. If you missed them the first time around we have the 3 original remixes from the release back in 2009 from Italian producers Astuni & Manuel Le Saux, Australian producer Baz Lalor and Brazilian producer Breathe. An outstanding package all around.

01. Karanda - Karanda (Original Mix) [8:24]
02. Karanda - Karanda (Duncan Newell 2016 Reboot) [6:47]
03. Karanda - Karanda (Skylex Remix) [6:43]
04. Karanda - Karanda (Luke Warner Remix) [7:36]
05. Karanda - Karanda (Katylyst Remix) [7:58]
06. Karanda - Karanda (Radio Edit) [3:04]
07. Karanda - Karanda (Duncan Newell 2016 Reboot Radio Edit) [3:01]
08. Karanda - Karanda (Skylex Radio Edit) [3:06]
09. Karanda - Karanda (Luke Warner Radio Edit) [3:29]
10. Karanda - Karanda (Katylyst Radio Edit) [2:48]
11. Karanda - Karanda (Astuni & Manuel Le Saux Remix) [7:10]
12. Karanda - Karanda (Breathe Remix) [8:56]
13. Karanda - Karanda (Baz Lalor Remix) [7:22]
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