From Changes' inception, R. N. Taylor and Nicholas Tesluk have
woven bardic tales of gallantry, chivalry and of larger-than-
-life legendary and mythical heroes. They've sung of new love,
love unrequited and love lost. They've written songs painting
sonic imagery foretelling a dark apocalyptic future, which later
came to pass while currently prophesying a society in the
seminal stages of an even darker fate.

01 - Sorrow (Instrumental)
02 - Lament - Flying (Requiem)
03 - Sweet Eve (Eve)
04 - Mountains Of Sorrow (Remix) (In You)
05 - Emily (Last Embrace)
06 - The Invisible Man (Love)
07 - No Way Back (Instrumental) (Empty)
08 - The Saddest Thing (Circe)
09 - Emerald Fire (Watermark)
10 - All That Take (Idyl)
11 - Memorabilia (Postmortem)
12 - Dance Of The Horses (Instrumental) (Erosl)
13 - The End Of The Road (Finale)

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