Cyrobo Prevent Recovery Pro 3.03 Multilingual | 2 Mb
You probably already know that deleted files can be recovered. This is true; anyone can do it using special programs. This type of operation is often performed by the police, FBI, and other agencies. Our daily news is filled with events that relate to legal or illegal data recovery. Time and time again, important financial and personal information is recovered and used against people, violating their privacy and putting their financial stability at risk.

When you delete a file, it is not actually removed from the hard disk. It is just marked as "deleted," and the space occupied by the file is marked as "free." However, the contents of the file still exist on your computer until partially or fully overwritten by a new file. These "deleted" files may reside on your computer for years, depending on many factors. Therefore, recovery of any file is technically possible, but some luck may be required to recover them.

Nobody will be able to track your activity. All deleted files will be unrecoverable, even those which were deleted years ago.

Military standards
Our utility includes several military standards for data deletion. You can choose to whom you want to trust your security.

Deleted data unrecoverable, so you physically stay secure. Even if they use powerful magnets they would not be able to recover anything.

Operating System: Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10

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