Дата релиза: Jun-10-2010
Формат: mp3
Битрейт: 320
Размер: 289 Mb

1. Safe from Harm
2. Karmacoma
3. Angel
4. Teardrop
5. Inertia Creeps
6. Protection
7. Butterfly Caught
8. Unfinished Sympathy
9. Risingson
10. What Your Soul Sings
11. Future Proof
12. Five Man Army
13. Sly
14. Live With Me (with Terry Callier)
15. False Flags (new track)
16. Incantations (new version of Everywhen feat. Horace Andy)
17. Silent Spring (new track feat. Liz Fraser)
18. Bullet Boy [Digital remaster]
19. Black Melt (Black Milk live)
20. Joy Luck Club (new track feat. Debbie Clare)
21. Small Time Shoot'em Up (new version of Small Time Shoot Away with 2D (aka Dam...
22. I Against I (Massive Attack And Mos Def) [Digital Remaster]
23. I Want You (Madonna with Massive Attack)
24. Danny The Dog (feat. Lorna Marshall) [Digital Remaster]